weekend wonders: inspired to inspire

Every time I surf the web, I never fail to be inspired by all the beautiful things I seem to find, whether on Pinterest, Fancy or anyone else’s blog. And these things make all the difference to my day. They feed me with amazing ideas for a new design, a blog posting, a party, a place to dine at next, a dress to love, accessories to buy or a whole lot more.(: This weekend is just as great when I stumbled on Kirstie Edmunds’ blog, Pencil Pocket. Her illustrations are too cute. The kind kids and adults (that’s me!) alike would LOVE.

I Heart Lemon Tart is crazy adorable. I wish I could illustrate like you, Ms. Edmunds.(: Have a great weekend all and please enjoy these while you’re at it!

A song that was my reminder the whole week through.

Pretty iPhone wallpapers!

Instead of a cow, get this. Udderly irresistible.(:

A light yet meaningful read.

Recipes to try next: this, this and this.

Eye on peplum: this and this!

{illustration by Kirstie Edmunds of Pencil Pocket}

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