Travelogue: Melbourne Part 2

{From top left: A Torquay board shop’s poster/Skateboards with neon touches/A memorial fountain/View of the Great Ocean Road/Blooming blossom in Neil’s garden/Road snack: green M&M’s/Homegrown herbs/Jams and spices by the Railway Shed/Scoops of Timboon’s finest ice cream/Beef pie by the Railway Shed/Timboon Railway Shed Distillery’s façade/The Loch Ard Gorge/Happy feet/Wild daisies by the road side/Thirst quenchers: Bundaberg’s Lemon, Lime & Bitters and Charlie’s Old Fashioned Lemonade/Walking the streets/The Grotto/Heavenly chips/Lemon trees aplenty/Nothing but blue skies/Good ol’ Maccas/Admiring them Uggs/The Railway Shed’s mark/The London Bridge}

Melbourne Part 2 was a truck load of fun.(: Our stint at Geelong included a mini road trip to Timboon– a cosy community with a population of approximately 800, which is also Neil’s home town. We took the coastal roads as yours truly was a Melbourne first-timer, and the Great Ocean Road was a must see. It is gorgeous with a capital G.

The wind came in strong and we were pelted with the occasional icy droplets of rain, alternating between that and sunshine (erratic weather here), but it was all worth it. We did the Great Ocean Road, Loch Ard Gorge, the London Arch, The Grotto, Gibson Steps and the Twelve Apostles. Touristy but very awesome, I’d say. We took a picture with some random drunk guys too, at the gorge. Told you it was fun!(:

Well, back to Timboon. It was this trip to Timboon that I was introduced to the yummiest and most fattening (I think) dips in the This you will read about in my next post! We stayed a night there, Natasha- Mr. Bentley’s sister, and I watched the tele while the guys were going crazy over Neil’s childhood Lego train that was mighty neat, I must say. Power operated complete with a train track (that could be further added on to), I’ve got two words for this- LEGO ROCKS!

Breakfast at Timboon Railway Shed Distillery the following morning before we headed back to Geelong was really good. Needless to say, I love that little diner that was once a railway shed. Mental note to self: Pretty place to have an intimate wedding. And if you ever make a trip here, please eat the homemade Timboon ice cream on my behalf! I promise to be jealous.

Mr. Bentley and I spent a good half a day in Torquay– a surfer’s paradise. Bagged himself a pair of DC shoes while I excitingly took in the setups of colourful skate and surf boards, Havaianas and beachwear, I kind of wished I surf/dive or could at least look hot in a skimpy two-piece, effortlessly.

Even before returning to Melbourne city, we were half past broke and resorted to staying in for a day, heading out only to grab lunch- KFC! Crazy awesome chips. The kind that you can see yourself eating Or at least, I could.

That’s part 2! Read about part 1 here. Just recapping these 11 days is definitely making me want to go back to Melbourne. *hearts*

{photos by Jolene Tan, with a little help from Instagram}

Timboon Railway Shed Distillery
The Railway Yard 1 Bailey Street Timboon VIC
+61 3 5598 3555

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