Travelogue: Melbourne Part 1

{From top left: Window view from my flight/My Lego luggage tag/Melbourne Central/Max Brenner hot chocolate/Brunch at Cafe Torre/Wooden figures at Geelong’s waterfront/Fish & Chips at Wharf Shed Cafe/Calamari for lunch/Another quirky wooden figure/View of the waterfront/Candies for every reason and season/Chemist Warehouse at Westfield}

I can’t believe my Melbourne trip is over. One moment, it was five months to go and we were still making our ticket bookings. The next, it was three months away and we were shopping for the weather. Then the countdown started, and Melbourne was a month away. And then it’s over. I miss Melbourne already, too much.

The night flight to Melbourne was filled with so much anticipation of everything I could possibly look forward to in that city. We touched down the next morning and spent the day in Melbourne city. And yes! If you read my previous post, I got my Uggs! It was slightly pricier than I had expected it to be, but nonetheless awesome. This glorious first day was also when I was introduced to what I’d say is officially the world’s best hot chocolate by the bald man, Max Brenner. Alongside Uggs and a million other things, Max Brenner has made it on to my list of LOVE.LOVE.LOVE.

Neil, Mr. Bentley’s brother-in-law got us in the evening and that was my first ever 45-minute Australian train ride to Geelong (which also made it to my list of loves). This place is amazing. And I can’t get over how gorgeous the waterfront is! I missed out on oysters and mussels, if you were wondering. But that would mean an extra thing to do on my next trip there!

Did I also mention how impressed I was with Westfield’s Chemist Warehouse? Extremely. It’s crazy organized, and so very well-stocked! I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the aisles tagged with neon coloured paper tabs. I’m a junkie for toiletries and beautifully packaged everything and this place blows my mind. Despite traveling so much and having seen so many other awesome stuffs around the world, I must admit to feeling like a hermit in awe of all the brands, labels and packagings on the row after row, after row, after row of stuffs in here. Neat.(:

p.s: Part 2 & 3 to follow!

{photos by Jolene Tan, with a little help from Instagram}

Cafe Torre
Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
+61 3 9663 5884

Wharf Shed Cafe
15 Eastern Beach Rd, Geelong, Victoria, 3220
+61 3 5221 6645

Max Brenner
Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
+61 3 9662 4442

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