christmas (ideas) came early

In efforts to come out of the horrible state of uninspired-ness I’m in, I decided I was going to work on something for Christmas. This year, I will be giving away a little stationery set containing eight self-designed greeting cards, a pen to write those season greetings and a little cookie pack to nibble away while you’re at it. Sounds good?

I’m a total freak and I’m going to say this, please don’t steal my idea.): But if you’d love to support me, please do check this space come November. That’s when I’ll start rolling out the goodies!

I’m hoping that I will be able to start a little something by doing what I love. And along the way, to actually make a difference with the people around me. Maybe this Christmas will be someone’s first time receiving a hand-written card designed by yours truly. I’m hoping, and wishing for that sort of thing, you know. It’s the whole idea of Christmas anyway.(:

I haven’t been counting down to Melbourne as expected, sadly.): But I’m still as excited and thrilled by the idea that it’s just less than a week away! I will be packing this weekend and hopefully finding the time to update this space too. Sorry for neglecting my posts but work has been real hectic since I’m clearing up to go on my long hols! So please bear with a little empty updates, or no updates at all, but it will get better soon I promise.

In the meantime, please enjoy these mighty inspiring sites that have kept me sane throughout the weeks.(:

An initialled coin, a wishbone, and a dainty anchor for you.

Shoes, shoes, shoes I’d die for!

I’m itching for some letterpress goodness.(:

Finally, a stop for my love for papeterie.

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