I was never one to be able to keep up with my resolutions. I just know that I made one last year and was adamant to keep it, for my whole life. It is to be happy. Simple, yet incredibly tough. I once read somewhere that a good way to have a heart of gratitude is to keep a journal that jots all the things you’re thankful for- in a day, a week, or a month. And this, in a similar fashion, is going to be my first entry to a journal of things that make me happy. Three things on my list right now are: blogging at Salt & Pepper (my new found love!), Starbucks upstairs and Scraps.

I remember when I had my first blog. It was like an advancement from the days of pencil and paper, and the thrill of clickety-clacketying away on the keyboard was part of the fascination itself. I was always amazed at how quickly my fingers would run up, down, left and right just putting into words what would’ve remained thoughts. I possibly had more entries when I discovered blogging than when I wrote because the former didn’t take too much energy (and pencil lead). I left the blogging scene until Blogspot was the now, and had a blog that pretty much documented angsty teenage frustrations, boy-girl relationships that escalated eventually into a full-grown account of feelings I still had for a useless ex in, what I thought were the best poems and short stories I have ever written. When it leaked and my own writings were used against me, I quit the blogging scene yet again and never returned, until July 3 2012. Since then, I’ve found plenty of inspiration from here, here, here and here. And so much more than these, actually but yes…I was back on track. And I felt the bigger and better worth of writing about things that made me happy or inspire me. I tell myself to document less of those times I’d want to forget, and more of those I would do anything to remember. And Salt & Pepper is all about that.

And then there’s Starbucks upstairs. In Malaysia, we only have one season year round- Summer. Occasionally it pours, or have a crazy bout of hailstones, and that’s it. If I had to pick a season that swung the extreme- Winter or Summer, I’d go with the former. And that’s what Starbucks upstairs is all about. Well, sort of. It doesn’t snow, or have winter chills but it’s cold.(: The just-nice sort of cold that allows you to throw on your scarves and sweater and sit around having coffee. Or for some who are more enthusiastic over the chilly breeze, will don their faux fur-lined boots and jackets. There’s plenty to see. This place is Genting Highlands, or fondly referred to as upstairs by us, and Starbucks upstairs is our hideout every now and then on the weekends, just for hot chocolate and good company. I love it.

As for Scraps, this is the little fella. My dad’s asthmatic and the pets I only ever had were three hamsters back when I was really young. Two were mine, and one was my sister’s. Mom’s not big on pets either so Scraps is the next big thing (read: pet) I have. He goes with me on all my travel trips and keeps me company every night. I found him in Mr. Bentley’s laundry room. Apparently he was abandoned, and I immediately took a liking to him.(: Slightly faded and with a drool patch on his face (oops!), like a comfort pillow/blankie to a child, Scraps is all happiness when I look at him.

I’d love to hear what makes you happy. Whether it’s the smell of freshly cut grass, or a pile of wedding magazines (yup! Another of mine). Anything and everything, share with me.(:

Oh! And last but not least, the anticipation of Melbourne is absolutely making me insanely happy too, I must add.

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