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I remember when I got my first tattoo that read Solitary. And I’ve never looked back since. I have got three tattoos to date, and am planning on having my fourth and fifth pieces when I return from Melbourne. Faith on my wrist was my second, while the E on my back, my third. People always ask me why’d I not get a graphic tattoo- perhaps something more picturesque, and less lettering. I’ve always loved language, poetry, and well, just basically anything text-ish. I do designs (on my own free time) but my best ones are always the ones with the perfect play of fonts, and then colours. I have more books on typography than anything else. I believe I was probably an alphabet, if not a word, in my past life.

My fourth will be alphabets A-Z (yes, all 26 of them!) across the side of my rib cage. I’ve always wanted a tattoo that totally encompassed my interest and passion in the written words. I couldn’t decide on a quote, or a lyric significant enough to be on my body, so I decided on the elements that make up all words, sentences and paragraphs, great and weak alike. With all that in mind, I must admit the idea of the pain I will be putting myself through for a good two hours is CRAZY (!), and I can’t even promise myself I will not pass out, or call for a break every 10 minutes through it.

The fifth is going to be a small anchor on the side of my left wrist, or more complexly known as the Ulnar. I have tons of dreams, and a million things I want ouf of life. And sometimes, these thoughts get the better of me, whether its just daydreaming or reaching for things beyond my capabilities. The anchor is to remind me that while its good to have big dreams, I must keep myself grounded, and not merely living in my thoughts. Finally a graphic piece, I know.(:

I will be getting these done by Lynda of Pink Tattoos when I get back from Melb and I’m absolutely excited about it! I found some amazing tattoos online and I thought I’d share them with you.(:

Gorgeous bird {silhouettes}

A {dream} like no other

Chinese {calligraphy} inscription

Names inscribed in the most beautiful {font}

A meaningful {mark}

Oh and check out this funny-but-somewhat-true comparison here! I especially like the illustrations/tattoos/Moleskin ones. Enjoy!

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