thursday rantings

I have decided to make my countdown to Melb a little less obvious/loud. So from today onwards, the countdown will still be happening, but in a smaller/subtler size in each post.(: I’m still just as excited as I was 31 days away, but I thought I would play it down and have larger countdowns mark the significant 15, 10, 5 days away, and then when it’s time to take off!

Today, I stuck out like a sore thumb at two events- one, an opening of a multi-label store, and the other an internationally renowned watch label’s launch of a classic. As always, I hate attending these events. I wouldn’t mind being invited to a curated art exhibit with just ten guests and icy cold halls, but just not a room with loud music and tons of people waiting to greet/exchange cheek-to-cheek kisses and then to superficial conversations and some.  And I absolutely do not regret turning up in my Sam Edelman sandals and not attempting to have a go at those Miu Miu stilts under my workdesk. Yes, I felt horribly underdressed- despite being in an Alexander Wang tunic- for the launch with a Shanghai theme but my feet were happy, and that’s all that significantly mattered.

To end this post with an awesome note, I drove my VW bug to work today only to realize how much I actually miss driving around in it. It’s cosy and familiar. While it isn’t exactly in the pink of health, I do hope that I’ll be able to save up enough to give it a fresh coat of paint and interior works. I love this ride to death.(: And this site is giving me so much hope and inspiration for restoration works despite being overseas and far, far away. Maybe I could get some parts of this guy, who knows?

Anyway, I’m off to bed now, and I hope all of you lovelies get a good night’s rest too. It’s Friday tomorrow and then it’s off to the weekend! Can’t wait.

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