radio heaven

…just 29 days away! *jumps with glee*

I didn’t have much to do at work today, which ended up with more blog tasting. Much like food tasting, only a whole lot better because I get to read/tag/comment/admire/envy/be inspired by tons of beautiful things, and people of course. Yesterday night, I set out on a mission to fill the ‘Blogs I Like’ portion of my blog with links to my loves, which I successfully failed at. Honestly, how do people even begin to decide what they want to link their blogs, and what not to? I’m close to throwing in every single home decor/stationery/wedding/everything-else-that’s-gorgeous site into the blogroll! I admit. It’s overwhelming. Everything is just too damn pretty not to have my blog be associated with, or to recommend. Gosh! I’m such a sucker for purdy stuff. (But yes, I love that about me.)

Please tell me how you refrain from calling in sick and just snuggling up in bed browsing the many sites and blogs sporting the most gorgeous stuffs and layouts ever.

On a separate note, look what I found at David Jones! A Pure mini-radio done Orla Kiely. *hearts* Mr. Bentley bought me an Orla Kiely scarf in the exact print a month back from Uniqlo, and now it’s! How cute is that to be sitting on my shelftop. This awesome find aside, I am totally sold on this other retro radio by Roberts, that’s also available at David Jones. Click here for more colours! The mustard yellow piece is drop dead gorgeous and crazy retro I could so see myself using it for many, many shoots of mine. Did I mention that the Revival Radio by Roberts has got a Cath Kidston version too? Check it out! Neat.(: Just checking out these cool radios have got me thinking i’ve died and gone to Radio Heaven.

Anyway, that’s going to be all for tonight lovelies. Please excuse me now while I take my second attempt at my blogroll. Toodles!

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