finding love with bhldn

I’ve loved weddings all my life. And I love them so much more now that there’s so many gorgeous dresses to pick from, amazing photographers to shoot with, beautiful beautiful destinations to be married in, and more importantly, the exquisite stationeries you can have for your wedding day, and the crazy amount of wedding ideas that are flying around online are absolutely mind blowing! I’ve always dreamt of having my very own wedding boutique, or to at least be a wedding planner but…mighty far fetched I’d say.

Anyway, I was really lucky to stumble upon this lovely, crazy gorgeous site that is everything bridal. Introducing BHLDN, lads and gents! Kudos to the team behind BHLDN. I am officially your biggest fan! I must admit that every single item on your site is incredibly tempting. *hearts*

Here’s a list of their jewels and baubles I am head over heels for!

01. Silvery Lace {necklace}

02. Basilica {ring}

03. Celestial Spheres Drop {earrings}

04. Haleakala {necklace}

05. Light Drop {necklace}

06. Brilliant Posy Drops {earrings}

07.  Tesserae {necklace}

08. Paired Pearls {earrings}

09. Danseuse {earrings}

10. Moons of Jupiter {necklace}

11. Reflecting Pools {necklace}

12. Cyprus Coast {earrings}

13. Solar Eclipse {ring}

14. Estate Sale Cuff {bangle}

15. Equilibrium {ring} – I love solitaires, making this my favourite!

16. Baltic Amber {earrings}

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4 thoughts on “finding love with bhldn

  1. artisantrove says:

    gorgeous jewellery! love the Baltic amber earrings

  2. magaleigh says:

    Love the cyprus coast and baltic amber earrings! 🙂

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