the wildhogs

As promised, the follow up to daddy dearest’s 60th bash! Everything was good, but as mentioned, some things didn’t really turn like I had in mind for it to. But everything turned out awesome, and above all, we all had fun just coming together over a couple of beers and yummy food that night.

For starters, here’s the Save The Date and the actual e-invite that I created for the occasion.

We had a hearty dinner of potato salad with bacon bits on the side/ barbecued chicken skewers/ creamy mushroom/ cajun chicken pasta/ butter prawns in oat flakes and last but not least, MILLE CREPE for the birthday boy’s cake! I wanted to custom-order a cake complete with fondant works of his BMW bike but didn’t manage to get it done.): But sis is in love with mille crepe and suggested we give it a try. Yums factor: 10/10. And plus it’s not all that sweet like most cakes are!

In my previous post, I wrote that we did dinner on the actual day- July 5, just the family, and it was a lot of love and fun coming together over a hearty Italian feast. This time round it was with dad’s biker friends and it was just as awesome.(: Thank you chek Rocky, uncle Chan, uncle Yap and auntie Leelee (and of course, my family) for making dad’s 60th a rockin’ one! xx

{photos by Jolene Tan}

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