lost & (yet to be) found

I apologize for being out of action for awhile. I’ve been rather uninspired for the past weeks, and have found it hard to come up with designs and contents for this space. I promised a follow up to my dad’s 60th bash, and I will deliver it in the next post. Some things didn’t really turn out as expected but all was good. Thank God.(:

Over the weekend, I experienced probably one of my life’s most demotivating moments. I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging- simple or elaborate alike, you see. But not everyone is. And while I make my purchases based on the aesthetic appeal first, many others do not. I understand that perfectly well, but it is what bothers me too. It’s like, the inevitable. I’m into designs- packaging, publishing and interior. And it’s somewhat disappointing to know that good designs go unnoticed or uncredited in my society. I helped a friend out over the weekend. She baked, I designed the stationeries and styled the set up. The ‘oohs’ and the ‘aahs’ went to the food, and the set up was probably just something that was ‘expected of’.

I know it’s hard to change the mentality of consumers/customers or whatever. I’m learning the hard way to stay in the background and do a great job while others go upfront and get the credits for a job done equally well, or lesser even. I suppose my job as an editor has made me the person I am- I care to read the credit line in every article/spread of a magazine, especially the team note that credits each and every contributor.

If I could cook/bake/design/style/manage all on my own, I would. But unfortunately, I can’t cook or bake to save my life. And I know that a gorgeous place without food that’s just as great would eventually fade out and diminish. Sometimes I reason to myself that maybe down the road when I do have my quaint little eatery, I can decorate it to my heart’s content and have people fall in love with the ambience first, above all else. I want them to love the place- my place, so much that they’ll come every evening just for lemonade and a good read. I mean, I could do lemonade.(: And that, would probably be my proudest and most inspiring moment.

On a separate but similar note, I feel like a total mess. Maybe it’s the hair- painstakingly growing it out from its Agyness Deyn state- that is progressing extremely ssssssllllllooooooooowwwwwww and making me look like a mushroom head quicker than you can utter ‘OH.’ I’m already doing a little spring cleaning while packing for Melbourne and I’m beginning to be under the odd impression that I’m a present day Ugly Betty- clad in mismatched luxury items from head to toe. Okay, maybe it’s slightly exaggerated but…I feel like a total mess. I do. And am utterly uninspired to step out the house with more than my pj’s and out-of-bed do.

If you feel me already, you’d know bleh is the Word of the Day. No, make that the Week, or the Month.

Dear Mojo, I believe I’ve lost you. Please return to me as soon as you this posting. The last thing I want to do is to crawl up under covers and let my esteem waste away.): Please hurry!

xx, me.

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