One dish I’ll love to be able to cook, and be relatively awesome at it would be the Penang asam laksa. It’s a hearty bowl of thick vermicelli noodles in a delicious fish-based broth and just thinking about this post is making me salivate! I love this dish to death.

Just yesterday, Mr. Bentley and I decided that we would attempt to get off work earlier and make it in time for fried laksa (yes, you read it right. FRIED laksa!) at Well Cook Gourmet, SS14.

I want to do fried laksa again!((: If you’d love to try for yourself this awesome twist to the laksa, just a reminder that they close at 9pm. Pretty early, I must say, for someone like myself who works all the way in PJ and will need to brave the horrendous jam home.):

Oh and feel free to drop me a comment if you’ve had better ones.(: I’d love to explore my choices!

{photo by Jolene Tan}

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One thought on “dinner

  1. Sim Wee says:

    yummy…super sedap… the sensational fried laksa!!

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